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laptops usb c charger

The chip shortage might ruin Christmas if you don't shop soon

Supply chain issues mean that everything with a chip—and even other popular gifts without processors—could become even harder to find later this year.

gpu power cables 2

One cable or two for powering a graphics card? Here’s the answer

The internet says you must use two cables or else for GPUs with more than one PCIe power connector, spurring confusion among new builders.

O11 Air Mini on a table with components inside.

O11 Air Mini: Hands-on with Lian Li’s new airflow-focused case

The fun-sized version of 2018’s O11 Air may strongly resemble its O11 Dynamic cousins, but a few key features make it the better option for most DIY builders.

o11 Air Mini on a table with the o11d mini slightly behind it

Lian Li O11 Air Mini vs. O11D Mini: All the specs compared

The Air Mini may look like the Dynamic Mini, but they’re more cousins than siblings. We run through their details to help you choose between the two.

pixel stand full

Google, why do I have to hack my phone to keep it secure?

Think Microsoft’s lack of Windows 11 security updates for unsupported hardware is bad? It could be worse.

shutterstock 555325381 secure home wifi

How to secure your home Wi-Fi network and router

Following these instructions will help protect your home network from snoopers and would-be hackers.

rkl cpu back

How many CPU cores do you have? How to check

Figuring out the number of cores inside your CPU is actually quite easy.

Xbox E3 2019 press conference Game Pass Ultimate 2

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate tip: How to get 3 years of access to hundreds of games for dirt cheap

You can save hundreds on an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription with this method. And if your timing is lucky, you'll pay even less to pull it off!

6core vs 8core cpus

6-core vs. 8-core CPUs: What's better for gaming?

More cores equals better gaming, right? Not necessarily. Here’s how it shakes out.

shutterstock 1766424008 by toa55 fire fighting

No, wildfire smoke won’t kill your PC. But it might hurt it

Ash and soot from wildfire smoke can have harmful effects. Here’s how to protect your computer.

nvidia broacast v 1.3

Nvidia Broadcast v1.3 smooths out pain points in an already-awesome tool

The Nvidia Broadcast v1.3 update improves two key features and boosts system performance.

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How much RAM do you need in a laptop? Here's how to figure it out

The amount of memory needed in a laptop varies from person to person, making one-size-fits-all advice unhelpful. Use this guide to pinpoint what suits you best.

ibp hr3 main

Meshlicious killer? iBuyPower enters the SFF case wars with the Hyte Revolt 3

This mini-ITX PC case takes on the popular SSPUD Meshlicious and Cooler Master NR200 with some interesting quality-of-life features.

neourban 1808082 1920

Beware this new phishing attack that's after your passwords!

Microsoft has sounded the alert on email links that look legitimate, but actually lead to phishing sites that can trick you into sharing your password.

shutterstock 1391898425 motherboard

How to troubleshoot a dead motherboard

Follow these steps to determine whether your motherboard is temporarily lacking power, or if its next destination is electronic recycling.