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surface laptop 4 side smaller

Microsoft says Surface, Windows sales were hurt by chip shortages

Microsoft's second-quarter results for calendar year 2021 were limited by what appears to be chip shortages affecting PC sales, including its Surface lineup.

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Windows 365: Five key differences from Windows Home and Pro

Microsoft released Windows 365 pricing for Cloud PCs on Monday, and it's just for businesses. Here's how it contrasts with Windows Home and Pro.

windows 11 insider preview how to get it

How to get the Windows 11 beta

Microsoft has released the first official beta of Windows 11. Here's how to get it.

AMD's Lisa Su holds a prototype Ryzen with V-Cache

AMD's chip supply will remain tight through 2021

AMD is raking in the cash, but its chip supply will stay 'tight' for the rest of the year, CEO Lisa Su said during the company's second quarter earnings call.

vivaldi accordion 1

Vivaldi 4.1 browser debuts macros, accordion tabs

Vivaldi's latest version of its free web browser includes macros, called command chains, as well as an intriguing "accordion tab" layout.


Flight Simulator's awesome performance update lands on PCs today

Microsoft released a Flight Simulator update for PCs that offers better memory and CPU usage, and faster loading times. Flight Simulator is also launching on the Xbox Series X and S.

oculus quest 2

Oculus recalls Quest 2 over foam irritation, will add a 128GB option

Facebook is recalling its Oculus Quest 2 VR headset over reports of skin irritation from its foam interface. A 128GB model will be added.

T-Mobile High Speed Internet Gateway (5G21-12W-A) primary 3

T-Mobile's 5G home internet service: Hands-on report

The T-Mobile High Speed Internet Gateway (5G21-12W-A) offers a $50/mo alternative to cable broadband, and delivers performance good enough for a small household that likes to stream video.


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Windows 11 superguide: News, tips, reviews and more

Windows 11 is the name of Microsoft's next operating system. We've listed our Windows 11 news, hands-on, reviews, tips, FAQs and guides on this page.

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Windows 11 FAQ: Answers to your most burning Windows 11 questions

Here's everything you need to know about Windows 11: when it will arrive, what it will cost, and what new features it will add.

kaby lake wafer resized

Intel changes its manufacturing language as it moves to angstroms

Intel is moving away from using nanometers to measure chip manufacturing progress, making angstroms the new metric. Intel 7, Intel 4, and Intel 3 will be the new lexicon.

teams chat in windows 11

How to set up and use Teams Chat in Windows 11

Microsoft has just begun rolling out Chat from Microsoft Teams, aka Teams Chat, within the first Windows 11 Insider builds. Here's how to use Teams Chat.

Intel wafer spin

Intel warns of impending CPU shortages, but says it won't raise prices

Intel is warning that materials shortages will prevent it from making as many processors it could sell for several quarters, but the company won't be passing along higher prices to PC customers.

Vilo Mesh Wi-Fi System primary small

Vilo's $20-per-node mesh network: A hands-on report

Vilo's $20-per-node mesh router promises to upend traditional mesh router pricing. Does it deliver, performance-wise? Yeah, pretty much.


redesigned details pane

Dropbox wants your photos in the wake of Google's data cap

Dropbox said Tuesday that it's making photo uploads a free feature, while beefing up password management with a dedicated browser extension.